Thursday, April 16

Alpha Lipid Colostrum

It all started when my hub bawak balik 2 tin dari office dia... nak bagi his father. (I said...mak oi....mahalnya setin). My father in law dah ada diabetes since umur 37, and he is now almost 60 I think. Dia dah dependent on insulin. Every nite kena inject... Then my mother saw the can and nak try jugak sebab kawan dia cakap the product is good.
Dipendekkan cite, both of them dah minum susu ni and my mother cakap dia rasa cergas dan dada rasa lapang (my mother ada sakit jantung and asma). My father-in-law pun cakap dia makin cergas and kandungan gula pun dah stabil (tapi he watches his daily diet).

Then since last 2 weeks, I try la jugak.... Rasa badan bertenaga.... To those nak rasa energetic and looking for supplement (tak payah nak telan pil banyak-banyak which I used to do gak), I strongly suggest minum susu ni. And I rasa my skin pun dah improve:)

Sunday, March 15

Boleh Tumpang????

Topic kali ni pasal tumpang kawan pergi kerja. How would you feel if your spouse drops you off at a station (for you to go to work) and then picks up a colleague (of a different gender that is) on his/ her way to work. Cam teksi tak? And you actually helping your spouse paying for the car (well...indirectly). Shouldn't the car be exclusively for the family itself?

And I dont want to elaborate on the cases that could happen from this 'tumpang menumpang' activity. Even pada mula, niat nak tolong kawan...even dah ada anak la..devoted wife ke, apa ke.... at the end... before you know it, your good life is already destroyed.

Tuesday, March 10

Dah Dapat

Petang semalam, dapat sms dari Princess Mulan nak drop by kat ofis and hantar stamps Guardian yang dia dah promised nak post last week. I already had 15 stamps and needed 15 more to redeem a Paddington bag. I was ready to give up hope to get the 15 stamps that Princess promised as the last day for redemption is today!
The last time I met Princess was few years ago. We keep contacts thru blogging which started since early this year. All of sudden, just to keep her promise, she offered herself to send the stamps. Never underestimate the strong will of a princess!!! Petang semalam jugak, balik kerja terus pergi Guardian nak redeem Paddington bag tu... Sib baik ada stock. HAPPY!!!! I thank Princess and those who contributed the stamps for me.....

Monday, March 9

Eco Kids Adventure

Last Friday (6 Mac 2009), Adam went to this motivational camp organized by his school, ACS Klang. I strongly recommend kids should be introduced to this kind of activities while they are still young. Me and my hub were really hoping that the camp would change him somehow.. (I know that it would change nothing in one session)...... Adam really needs to be taught about values of being a sport, responsible, social and religious.
Back to the Eco Kids Adventure, it was a 3 day 2 night program. Kids were from the group of prefects, class monitors and assistant class monitors of ACS Klang. The kids had a night walk, mud walking, etc. Adam had fun eventhough he mentioned that he would not go again should there be any program like that. I support programs like this as an effort to cultivate leadership in our young generations. Next one, me and hub plan to send Adam to a 'Kem Pondok'.

Wednesday, February 25

Gold Investment

I bought G.O.L.D. No, I don't like gold jewellery in particular. (However, I love diamonds!!..** Diamonds are girls' bestfriend***, remember?). I'm talking about gold investment saving passbook account... There are always demands for gold. A friend of mine invested in gold saving account at RM77 per gram in 2007. Today's gold is sold at RM116.21 per gram. Good investment for her, eh???...
My research reveals that once recession sets in, the value of commodities will shoot up... Gold is one of them. Recession has yet to step foot in Malaysia, but it's going to be soon. The price of gold is already high now, the question, is it going to be higher any time soon? When is a good time to invest in gold? There are five good reasons to invest in gold. In Malaysia, so far I know we can open a gold investment saving passbook account only at Public Bank and Maybank.

Monday, February 23

That Day It Happened.....

17 February 2009.... Got back from work and reached Klang commuter station around 6:30 p.m. I held my car keys as I was approaching the spot where I parked my car that morning. I parked next to a Harrier...**how could I miss it because it is the only nice car being parked there**.. My car should be next to that Harrier, but shoot, it wasn't there!!! I walked up and down the parking lot thinking I could have mistakenly thought that I parked my car next to the Harrier that morning...may be it was yesterday, the day before yesterday, or even last month. Called my husband and asked him whether he drove me to the commuter station that morning... called my sister whether she was in Klang and took my car....
Someone took my car SATRIA, my BGM6080. It was my first new car and I had it with me for good 7 years. I've grown close attachment to that car. I understand how my SATRIA functioned to the extend I was never worried if the indicators started to give any warning. I need not worry about maintenance of the car just because we understand each other. But now the car is gone...Peeps, if you come across SATRIA in silver grey with registration no BGM6080, really appreciate if you could alert me... I want my SATRIA back....!!!
To the person(s) who took my car, be it ANYONE, I hope you'll crash to death!!!

Friday, February 6

Tagged - Romantic movies

Got this tag from MIMI. Now ni dah lama tak tengok romantic movies sebab asyik tengok movie kanak-kanak... Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Cicakman pun aku tengok, jangan tak tau.... Romantic movies tengok masa dating dedulu la....

The term and condition:-
1. Please copy the following rules in your post (as usual)
2. You have to point out 5 romantic movies that you would love to share with your loved ones.
3. It doesn’t have to be in order.. as long as you love the movies, it will be fine.
4. You have to tag another 5 person to answer this tag

Here it goes....

5 romantic movies I shared/ would love to share with my loved ones

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

2. Titanic

3. Sleepless in Seatle
4. Ghost

5. Indecent Proposal

(** try to recall any Malay romantic movies*** tak de kot except filem Azura - tak mo ikut MIMI)

Now, I tag these 5 people.....

1. Nana the mad woman
2. Mamafaz
3. Sherul
4. Keyla
5. Mimi (...sori ehh...tak ramai kawan blog la...)

Wednesday, February 4

Trying Times

Last night my hub's best friend called him to inform that he will be retrenced by his multinational company in Shah Alam. The last day would be end of February. The news came as a shock to us... and he himself could not believed it was happening. Before the company announced the closing of its operation, they have offered VSS 3 times since October last year.
The key for this trying period, is that we still need to spend...wisely. But we think that when there's limited cash, there's no way we can spend. But by stop spending, there won't be buy and sell activities. When there is no demand, the supply will also stop. Therefore workers will be put to retrenchment.... This is the chain reaction thingy. A good company should absorb their losses during this hard time as much as they enjoy their profits during the good times.
That's why people, we should save when we got cash, (***and spend it when we don't??? Hmmmm**)!!!
To my hub's bestfriend, we know that you'll make it through. There's a silver lining in every sky.

Monday, February 2

Kisah Benar pada cuti Hari Wilayah

Hmm.... semalam, ntah camna boleh tengok Kisah Benar kat TV3. There's something about Kisah Benar yang benar-benar...mmmm...camna nak cakap ni.... Put it this way, you don't like it but you are curious about the ending.... And the ending always makes me jer? or Bodo nye la haiii....

Neway...yesterday's episode was about this young man who didn't want to depend on his father for money. Therefore, his girlfriend and her mother turned their backs on him. The youngman's father is filthy rich... Common way to show how rich these people are in Malay movies :-

**** Syarikat kita baru dianugerahkan 3 projek baru dari kerajaan. Mereka juga bersetuju untuk melanjutkan tempoh projek sedia ada****

After getting all the knowledge and experience, the young man agreed to take over his father's company. ***** Saya tak akan sia-siakan kepercayaan ayah pada saya**** (Common too??)

The ending scene... the girlfriend and her mother came to see this man who were off to Japan (for work matters) and they begged him for forgiveness. But the man said *** Saya dah maafkan mak cik, tapi saya tak dapat terima Tipah semula. Saya impikan wanita yang sentiasa menyokong saya, dan wanita itu ialah..... ***kawan baik si Tipah****. Nangisla si Tipah...huhuhhuuuuuuuuu................

Aku pun nak nangis geram tengok cite ni.... Apsal la aku tengok!!!!

Tuesday, January 27

About Her...

Four good relaxing days..... Didn't go anywhere. Monday night we celebrated Alisya's birthday (Her birthday was supposed to be on Tuesday 27/01/2009) She is now 6. She is a good kid. Her kinder teachers keeps telling us that she is an excellent girl. What proud parents we are!!! Come to think about it, Allah is fair. She is totally the opposite of her brother, Adam. She :-
  • likes to read
  • watches her favorite tv shows ONLY
  • gets bored doing nothing
  • helpful with chores
  • cares a lot with her mummy's and papa's feelings
  • negotiates well and very cooperative

Her papa bought her a big teddy bear, and I bought her a musical box. She really loves the teddy bear. Her papa was doubtful if she wouldn't like the teddy. But she jumped with happiness when she saw it, then after gomol-gomol with the bear, she gave her papa a kiss. So lovely of her.

On Tuesday, early morning cam nak pegi jogging. Tapi buat detour pergi cari breakfast. Me and my hub don't know where we can get good breakfast in Klang or Shah Alam. At last we landed kat gerai depan Wet World, Shah Alam. Ramai orang kat situ, tapi sebab satu gerai je yang bukak, dah tentu lah sume orang pegi situ termasuk kitorang yang ketandusan nak makan breakfast pagi-pagi. Tengah-tengah syok makan, perut bagi warning plak. Kena cut short, dan terus balik rumah. Lama gak nak tahan....

Balik rumah, perut dah okay plak. We did spring cleaning a room which used to be our maid's. Since our maid ran away, the room turned to a store room. Semua barang (tools, mesin rumput, broken chairs, EVERYTHING) kitorang campak kat bilik tu.., tutup pintu..ta daa... ruang lain kemas. Barang-barang yang tak guna dah dibuang. And now the room is ready for the next maid yang tak kunjung tiba. (Dah serik ambik maid dah).....

Conclusionnya..... jiwa tenang bila rumah kemas.

Wednesday, January 21

Are we in economic crisis?

YES!!! But, I don't feel the pinch yet. That's because I'm quite secured working in a public sector. Last night, there was an interview with Datuk Dr. Subramaniam, the Minister of Human Resource regarding MTUC's prediction that 200,000 workers will be retrenced, compare with 85,000 retrenced during 1985's recession. This number worries me because my husband being the breadwinner could be in this number. However, Dr. Subramaniam mentioned that there are 2.2 million foreign workers in our country. Therefore, if we send all the foreign workers back to their countries, we have enough pool of works for locals. Those retrenced can take over construction works, restaurants, etc. I hope to get a local maid plak..hahahaaa. Kalau dah terdesak, mesti ada yang sanggup keje as a maid.
Anyway, experts believed that cash flow would dry up from July onwards, and people should be careful to keep their money and not invest in dubious scheme. The years 2009 and 2012 will be bad and the economy would only bounce back in 2013.
My hub always remind me to be prudent in our spending, especially mine. (**Nana, now you know why I can't buy gaucho now**). I can't imagine to wait until 2013..that's 4 years !!! Restraining myself from indulgence!!!.. But I must be thankful that my hub is still working and I have a secured job. The 1997 economic downturn only involved Asia, but this time it involves WORLWIDE!!! This is how serious our situation is:-
  • Sony announced its lost in 14 years
  • Toyota and Honda may incur loss
  • Citibank US laid off its workers
  • Western Digital, Sarawak ceased its operation - 1,500 workers were laid off
  • Sidel Malaysia closed its manufacturing plant - affected about 100 workers
  • NEC laid off 200 operators and offered VSS to all levels of workers
  • Panasonic offered its workers VSS
Mind you the above facts are known to me. The fact that I'm not an economist makes me ignorant of the current economic crisis. I pray for the best to us all.

Monday, January 19

Tagging Games from the Single and the Mad Woman!!!

Alamak... I got invited by Mimi and Nana for tagging games. Thanks babes. Will try my best since I'm new to this.

From the single Mimi,
#01; - Sesiapa yang kena tag, kena tulis 10 sesuatu berkenaan orang yang meng-tag dia.
1. Single
2. Suka gelak
3. I don't think she can get mad ever
4. Happy selalu cam tak pernah ada problem
5. Pernah study kat MRSM Jelebu and Jasin
6. Ditakuti oleh junior sebab LOTKR (he...he..he)
7. Keje kat Perodua
8. Pernah duduk kat Batu 3, Shah Alam
9. Bestfriend Enod and Nana
10. A famous girl masa kat MRSM - sume cikgu kenal MIMI

#02; - Orang yang kena tag kena tulis 10 perkara. about yourself.

1. Not single
2. Got two kids
3. Tak pernah put on weight
4. Suka relaks
5. Works in a public sector
6. Duduk kat Klang
7. Suka memanjakan diri...facial, manicure and pedicure, body massage
8. Love to spend (using my own money je ye)
9. Dah kawin lebih 10 tahun.
10. Married to a cool dude.

#03; - At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their that U'll know... did their really know U...

1. Mimi
2. Nana
3. Sherul
4. Keyla
5. Syahani

...... Kita pun tak ramai kawan blog laa ... hu hu hu

From the Mad Woman Nana,

Anyhoo, here's the terms and conditions of the Award/tag.Peraturan untuk menerima award ini ialah:
Copy badge "2008 Cute's 3logger Award" di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda - Done
Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya.
So, here it goes!!!
Nana is my ex-housemate at Mizzou. We shared the same interest during the college years i.e clubbing and shopping.
10 facts about me ... ! (Can I just copy paste my above entry?? --I'll try my best)
1. I love my family and myself.
2. I plan my schedule ahead. I don't like last minute arrangement -- No stress
3. Therefore, I'm a cool person. I don't care what people say about me.
4. If I want something expensive for myself, I'll work for it. I won't ask from my husband (Joe).
5. I complete my work the soonest possible.
6. I love to pamper myself to look beautiful. Facial/massage/manuicure/pedicure is a must every month.
7. I am very blessed with what I have now. Alhamdulillah... (I must admit that I'm afraid of losing everything I have)
8. I don't like to travel without my kids. But once I went to Bandung without them...Girls only...didn't think it was going to be fun, but SHOPPING made me forget!!!
9. I hate a cluttered home. I do my own house cleaning possibly every day!! Joe gave me 5 stars for house work.
10. I am quite independent if Joe is not around (temporarily je ye...). I prefer to shop without my hubby.
People I should tag:
1. Nana
2. Mimi
3. Sherul
4. Keyla
5. Syahani
Sorry Nana, I have to tag you too since I don't have many blogger friends :)

Thursday, January 15

Vitamins ???

Now that my life has turned 34, I notice that I get stressed over small things and between the menstrual period my mood swings crazily. I wonder if taking vitamins would help. I read an article on vitamins. According to the experts, to maintain good health, one should take :-

i) Multi vitamins;
ii) Antioxidants (A,C,E) or consume broccoli, etc.; and
iii) Fish oil

(**Which brand is good? Any suggestion?**)

On top of these supplements, women also need to consider taking supplement to maintain their beauty. These products are well known for all the beauties.

P/S : I tried both and I like Estime better. You can feel your skin become softer. But you need to drink a lot of water.

Wednesday, January 14

Body Purrrfect

Received a call just now for my facial appointment tomorrow at Body Perfect @ Northpoint Mid Valley.

How did I start with all this?? It all started with a free promotion back in 2007. After that I kept continue signing up for their facial package. The program I like most is Diamond Miracle Face Treatment. For first timer, you can really feel the difference..Your skin will become radiant and flawless. But somehow, I think our skin has its limits for radiance. It's now all about maintenance. My skin doesn't get any better with all the facial treatments, but at least it doesn't get worse. Sometimes rasa macam buang duit je....

To maintain good skin, use sunscreen every day. I'm not used to but as I age, the freckles start to show. I love Outsmart by Origins (cost around RM100+). It lightens the dark spots on my face. Origins @ The Gardens also offers facial treatment. Tak mahal...I think less than RM100, tak pun lebih RM100 sikit je. Really worth it ! Value for money. Best!!!

Bags oh Handbags...

Just now masa lunch, my friend Dali ajak gi KLCC...she's been looking for a new handbag since forever...dari time sale, sampai sale dah habis...We all went in LV, Ferragamo, Anya Hindmarch etc. The best one when we went in Lancel (probably tak de customer sangat dah), the SA gave us invitations for a private new year party on behalf of Givenchy. Okla..we accepted. Then we were about to leave, the SA bagi pulak 50% discount voucher for KOOKAI...After that when we were about to leave for real, again dia bagi lagi RM500 cash voucher on Lancel handbags.

(**sometimes wonder if they will actually give us the LANCEL handbag for free**). I don't really fall for LANCEL like I fall for LVoe. (I only got one by the way:))

This one caught my eyes today...MM Mini Lin. At a glance, tak la cantik mana pun, but once you try it on your shoulder, you can just fall in this LVoe.

Tuesday, January 13

Economic Downturn - Can it be THAT Serious???

I don't feel the current global economic downturn affecting me directly. But I realize that goods prices have gone up. Last night my hubby told me that about 200 workers at his place were laid off Monday. He works in a manufacturing sector. The good news is those retrenced were contract workers. For the executive and management levels, the company is offering VRS. And for January and February, workers are forced taking annual leave. This will affect the workers, in which if the economy is not getting any better, they will have to go with unpaid leave....

Here's what actually happenned:- there are people who are stealing cash. Many transactions were on papers and when the cash is needed, there's no more. Up to this point I can understand...Hey, I'm not an economist...Make me understand the whole scenario....

No more expensive treat...**sob..sob**. Have to forget on adding new selection of handbags like this one--->
If my hubby decides to go for VRS, here's the amount he'll be getting:-
RMxxxx (basic salary) X 11 (years of working) X 1.25 (compensation rate) = not even RM100,000.
Note that the compensation rate is the highest the company offered so far.. (to indicate how serious they are).
If VRS, nak keje apa plak lepas nih???

The beginning......

Assalamualaikum and good day to all,

Finally, it is time to start blogging after putting it on hold for quite sometime. Frankly, I had put up my blog last year, but didn't have much to share. Now that I've turned 34 (...I stopped counting at 30...) I figure the least I could do is to share some of my stories about kids, well being, marriage, etc. My life is a joyful ride, but it's not always a fun ride....

Meet the cheecky girl, Alisya. She'll turn 6 on 27 Jan 2009. Will tell all about her later.....

Here's pic of the father and son, Adam is 9. Will tell all about him too..... This was taken during our short trip to Melaka recently. Didn't know where to go at first, (since we were on tight budget).