Sunday, March 15

Boleh Tumpang????

Topic kali ni pasal tumpang kawan pergi kerja. How would you feel if your spouse drops you off at a station (for you to go to work) and then picks up a colleague (of a different gender that is) on his/ her way to work. Cam teksi tak? And you actually helping your spouse paying for the car (well...indirectly). Shouldn't the car be exclusively for the family itself?

And I dont want to elaborate on the cases that could happen from this 'tumpang menumpang' activity. Even pada mula, niat nak tolong kawan...even dah ada anak la..devoted wife ke, apa ke.... at the end... before you know it, your good life is already destroyed.

Tuesday, March 10

Dah Dapat

Petang semalam, dapat sms dari Princess Mulan nak drop by kat ofis and hantar stamps Guardian yang dia dah promised nak post last week. I already had 15 stamps and needed 15 more to redeem a Paddington bag. I was ready to give up hope to get the 15 stamps that Princess promised as the last day for redemption is today!
The last time I met Princess was few years ago. We keep contacts thru blogging which started since early this year. All of sudden, just to keep her promise, she offered herself to send the stamps. Never underestimate the strong will of a princess!!! Petang semalam jugak, balik kerja terus pergi Guardian nak redeem Paddington bag tu... Sib baik ada stock. HAPPY!!!! I thank Princess and those who contributed the stamps for me.....

Monday, March 9

Eco Kids Adventure

Last Friday (6 Mac 2009), Adam went to this motivational camp organized by his school, ACS Klang. I strongly recommend kids should be introduced to this kind of activities while they are still young. Me and my hub were really hoping that the camp would change him somehow.. (I know that it would change nothing in one session)...... Adam really needs to be taught about values of being a sport, responsible, social and religious.
Back to the Eco Kids Adventure, it was a 3 day 2 night program. Kids were from the group of prefects, class monitors and assistant class monitors of ACS Klang. The kids had a night walk, mud walking, etc. Adam had fun eventhough he mentioned that he would not go again should there be any program like that. I support programs like this as an effort to cultivate leadership in our young generations. Next one, me and hub plan to send Adam to a 'Kem Pondok'.