Tuesday, March 10

Dah Dapat

Petang semalam, dapat sms dari Princess Mulan nak drop by kat ofis and hantar stamps Guardian yang dia dah promised nak post last week. I already had 15 stamps and needed 15 more to redeem a Paddington bag. I was ready to give up hope to get the 15 stamps that Princess promised as the last day for redemption is today!
The last time I met Princess was few years ago. We keep contacts thru blogging which started since early this year. All of sudden, just to keep her promise, she offered herself to send the stamps. Never underestimate the strong will of a princess!!! Petang semalam jugak, balik kerja terus pergi Guardian nak redeem Paddington bag tu... Sib baik ada stock. HAPPY!!!! I thank Princess and those who contributed the stamps for me.....


  1. Pija, the last we met kan mana yek?? Genting ka?? or after that at KL Sentral ... Princess memang gigih ... he he ...

    I m so glad u got the bag! :)

  2. ..Princess Mulan memang gigih..pantas..& cekap.. tengok laa kuda dia.. kan powerrr..

  3. Jimmy, kuda besi ... memang power!!! :)