Wednesday, February 25

Gold Investment

I bought G.O.L.D. No, I don't like gold jewellery in particular. (However, I love diamonds!!..** Diamonds are girls' bestfriend***, remember?). I'm talking about gold investment saving passbook account... There are always demands for gold. A friend of mine invested in gold saving account at RM77 per gram in 2007. Today's gold is sold at RM116.21 per gram. Good investment for her, eh???...
My research reveals that once recession sets in, the value of commodities will shoot up... Gold is one of them. Recession has yet to step foot in Malaysia, but it's going to be soon. The price of gold is already high now, the question, is it going to be higher any time soon? When is a good time to invest in gold? There are five good reasons to invest in gold. In Malaysia, so far I know we can open a gold investment saving passbook account only at Public Bank and Maybank.

Monday, February 23

That Day It Happened.....

17 February 2009.... Got back from work and reached Klang commuter station around 6:30 p.m. I held my car keys as I was approaching the spot where I parked my car that morning. I parked next to a Harrier...**how could I miss it because it is the only nice car being parked there**.. My car should be next to that Harrier, but shoot, it wasn't there!!! I walked up and down the parking lot thinking I could have mistakenly thought that I parked my car next to the Harrier that morning...may be it was yesterday, the day before yesterday, or even last month. Called my husband and asked him whether he drove me to the commuter station that morning... called my sister whether she was in Klang and took my car....
Someone took my car SATRIA, my BGM6080. It was my first new car and I had it with me for good 7 years. I've grown close attachment to that car. I understand how my SATRIA functioned to the extend I was never worried if the indicators started to give any warning. I need not worry about maintenance of the car just because we understand each other. But now the car is gone...Peeps, if you come across SATRIA in silver grey with registration no BGM6080, really appreciate if you could alert me... I want my SATRIA back....!!!
To the person(s) who took my car, be it ANYONE, I hope you'll crash to death!!!

Friday, February 6

Tagged - Romantic movies

Got this tag from MIMI. Now ni dah lama tak tengok romantic movies sebab asyik tengok movie kanak-kanak... Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Cicakman pun aku tengok, jangan tak tau.... Romantic movies tengok masa dating dedulu la....

The term and condition:-
1. Please copy the following rules in your post (as usual)
2. You have to point out 5 romantic movies that you would love to share with your loved ones.
3. It doesn’t have to be in order.. as long as you love the movies, it will be fine.
4. You have to tag another 5 person to answer this tag

Here it goes....

5 romantic movies I shared/ would love to share with my loved ones

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

2. Titanic

3. Sleepless in Seatle
4. Ghost

5. Indecent Proposal

(** try to recall any Malay romantic movies*** tak de kot except filem Azura - tak mo ikut MIMI)

Now, I tag these 5 people.....

1. Nana the mad woman
2. Mamafaz
3. Sherul
4. Keyla
5. Mimi (...sori ehh...tak ramai kawan blog la...)

Wednesday, February 4

Trying Times

Last night my hub's best friend called him to inform that he will be retrenced by his multinational company in Shah Alam. The last day would be end of February. The news came as a shock to us... and he himself could not believed it was happening. Before the company announced the closing of its operation, they have offered VSS 3 times since October last year.
The key for this trying period, is that we still need to spend...wisely. But we think that when there's limited cash, there's no way we can spend. But by stop spending, there won't be buy and sell activities. When there is no demand, the supply will also stop. Therefore workers will be put to retrenchment.... This is the chain reaction thingy. A good company should absorb their losses during this hard time as much as they enjoy their profits during the good times.
That's why people, we should save when we got cash, (***and spend it when we don't??? Hmmmm**)!!!
To my hub's bestfriend, we know that you'll make it through. There's a silver lining in every sky.

Monday, February 2

Kisah Benar pada cuti Hari Wilayah

Hmm.... semalam, ntah camna boleh tengok Kisah Benar kat TV3. There's something about Kisah Benar yang benar-benar...mmmm...camna nak cakap ni.... Put it this way, you don't like it but you are curious about the ending.... And the ending always makes me jer? or Bodo nye la haiii....

Neway...yesterday's episode was about this young man who didn't want to depend on his father for money. Therefore, his girlfriend and her mother turned their backs on him. The youngman's father is filthy rich... Common way to show how rich these people are in Malay movies :-

**** Syarikat kita baru dianugerahkan 3 projek baru dari kerajaan. Mereka juga bersetuju untuk melanjutkan tempoh projek sedia ada****

After getting all the knowledge and experience, the young man agreed to take over his father's company. ***** Saya tak akan sia-siakan kepercayaan ayah pada saya**** (Common too??)

The ending scene... the girlfriend and her mother came to see this man who were off to Japan (for work matters) and they begged him for forgiveness. But the man said *** Saya dah maafkan mak cik, tapi saya tak dapat terima Tipah semula. Saya impikan wanita yang sentiasa menyokong saya, dan wanita itu ialah..... ***kawan baik si Tipah****. Nangisla si Tipah...huhuhhuuuuuuuuu................

Aku pun nak nangis geram tengok cite ni.... Apsal la aku tengok!!!!