Wednesday, February 4

Trying Times

Last night my hub's best friend called him to inform that he will be retrenced by his multinational company in Shah Alam. The last day would be end of February. The news came as a shock to us... and he himself could not believed it was happening. Before the company announced the closing of its operation, they have offered VSS 3 times since October last year.
The key for this trying period, is that we still need to spend...wisely. But we think that when there's limited cash, there's no way we can spend. But by stop spending, there won't be buy and sell activities. When there is no demand, the supply will also stop. Therefore workers will be put to retrenchment.... This is the chain reaction thingy. A good company should absorb their losses during this hard time as much as they enjoy their profits during the good times.
That's why people, we should save when we got cash, (***and spend it when we don't??? Hmmmm**)!!!
To my hub's bestfriend, we know that you'll make it through. There's a silver lining in every sky.


  1. wow! in my place here pun dah start dengar rumors ... no more OT.. a little pay cut .. short number of working days. scary!

  2. Coming Jun or July is going to be harder, they say. Aku suspen gak laki aku keje manufacturing ni....

  3. Pija, company hubby kau produce ape?

    Mimi, Pak Syed proton strategize his buss model. Close non performing outlet.

  4. Enod, semiconductor manufactruing. Since demand untuk keta drop, diorang pun affected gak la...Now production at 50% of their capacity. Luckily, diorang buat memory chip gak...banyak industry diraong serve. Tu yang boleh sustain tuh...

  5. Hmm tulah kan...kadang2 kita nie kerja cam nak mati nak meet KPI ler...nak make sure assessment bagus lah...tapi bila company in bad time cam nie tak ingat semua apa yang kita dah buat untuk camner...senang citer jangan lah put priority on our job...sebab bila kita susah company takkan letak kita sebagai priority depa...sad but true...