Wednesday, February 25

Gold Investment

I bought G.O.L.D. No, I don't like gold jewellery in particular. (However, I love diamonds!!..** Diamonds are girls' bestfriend***, remember?). I'm talking about gold investment saving passbook account... There are always demands for gold. A friend of mine invested in gold saving account at RM77 per gram in 2007. Today's gold is sold at RM116.21 per gram. Good investment for her, eh???...
My research reveals that once recession sets in, the value of commodities will shoot up... Gold is one of them. Recession has yet to step foot in Malaysia, but it's going to be soon. The price of gold is already high now, the question, is it going to be higher any time soon? When is a good time to invest in gold? There are five good reasons to invest in gold. In Malaysia, so far I know we can open a gold investment saving passbook account only at Public Bank and Maybank.


  1. ..Jimmy baru je nak bukak story pasal mende ni.. anyway.. gold investment yg aku buat tuu bukan pakai saving passbook tuu..tapi beli gold bar & simpan kat ar-rahnu.. not bad.. nanti aku update kat blog.. kita share2 laa..

  2. mmm... very interesting! macam interested la pulak in the gold saving passbook thingy ... :)

  3. Jimmy, I dah check Ar Rahnu tu sistem pajak gadai... I tak de emas nak dipajak/ digadaikan.... and tak suka simpan/ pakai emas. Diamond I suka la....

    Princess.... belila emas bila murah nanti. Nak bukak account kat Public Bank min. kena beli 20 gram. Kat Maybank, min. 5 gram. Additional investment at 1 gram.