Tuesday, January 27

About Her...

Four good relaxing days..... Didn't go anywhere. Monday night we celebrated Alisya's birthday (Her birthday was supposed to be on Tuesday 27/01/2009) She is now 6. She is a good kid. Her kinder teachers keeps telling us that she is an excellent girl. What proud parents we are!!! Come to think about it, Allah is fair. She is totally the opposite of her brother, Adam. She :-
  • likes to read
  • watches her favorite tv shows ONLY
  • gets bored doing nothing
  • helpful with chores
  • cares a lot with her mummy's and papa's feelings
  • negotiates well and very cooperative

Her papa bought her a big teddy bear, and I bought her a musical box. She really loves the teddy bear. Her papa was doubtful if she wouldn't like the teddy. But she jumped with happiness when she saw it, then after gomol-gomol with the bear, she gave her papa a kiss. So lovely of her.

On Tuesday, early morning cam nak pegi jogging. Tapi buat detour pergi cari breakfast. Me and my hub don't know where we can get good breakfast in Klang or Shah Alam. At last we landed kat gerai depan Wet World, Shah Alam. Ramai orang kat situ, tapi sebab satu gerai je yang bukak, dah tentu lah sume orang pegi situ termasuk kitorang yang ketandusan nak makan breakfast pagi-pagi. Tengah-tengah syok makan, perut bagi warning plak. Kena cut short, dan terus balik rumah. Lama gak nak tahan....

Balik rumah, perut dah okay plak. We did spring cleaning a room which used to be our maid's. Since our maid ran away, the room turned to a store room. Semua barang (tools, mesin rumput, broken chairs, EVERYTHING) kitorang campak kat bilik tu.., tutup pintu..ta daa... ruang lain kemas. Barang-barang yang tak guna dah dibuang. And now the room is ready for the next maid yang tak kunjung tiba. (Dah serik ambik maid dah).....

Conclusionnya..... jiwa tenang bila rumah kemas.


  1. Pija, totally agreed with your conclusion! Btw, in the 1st photo, Alisya going for ballet ka???

  2. Ha ah. Alisya now baru primary ballet.

  3. soo sweet! if i have girl, will definately send her to ballet too...

  4. Yeah...you can make them do things you actually wanted for yourself when you were a kid. Aku paksa dia belajar piano gak, heheheee....:)