Wednesday, January 14

Body Purrrfect

Received a call just now for my facial appointment tomorrow at Body Perfect @ Northpoint Mid Valley.

How did I start with all this?? It all started with a free promotion back in 2007. After that I kept continue signing up for their facial package. The program I like most is Diamond Miracle Face Treatment. For first timer, you can really feel the difference..Your skin will become radiant and flawless. But somehow, I think our skin has its limits for radiance. It's now all about maintenance. My skin doesn't get any better with all the facial treatments, but at least it doesn't get worse. Sometimes rasa macam buang duit je....

To maintain good skin, use sunscreen every day. I'm not used to but as I age, the freckles start to show. I love Outsmart by Origins (cost around RM100+). It lightens the dark spots on my face. Origins @ The Gardens also offers facial treatment. Tak mahal...I think less than RM100, tak pun lebih RM100 sikit je. Really worth it ! Value for money. Best!!!


  1. sunscreen memang wajib! thats what my doc says ... :)

  2. aloooo!!!! hehehehe! you nak gaucho? boleh .. aku nak gi bicester nanti I think on the 20th kot. Gaucho is 50% nak warna apa. nanti kau email aku kau punya phone number ... I'll call you masa I kat sana nanti .. nak???

  3. hmmmmm I am not sure currency conversion dia berapa sekarang. but the price of the gaucho's range from 845 to 1000 something. Yang macam I punya tu is 845. then you tolak 50% off! so i think its 422.50 pounds. Kalau std conversion right now is around 5.4-5.5. So, kalau 5.4 is RM2281.50.

  4. oh yes .. baik kau take you phone number off .. nanti ada laks org call you laks hahaha! i dah take your number dah :D