Wednesday, January 14

Bags oh Handbags...

Just now masa lunch, my friend Dali ajak gi KLCC...she's been looking for a new handbag since forever...dari time sale, sampai sale dah habis...We all went in LV, Ferragamo, Anya Hindmarch etc. The best one when we went in Lancel (probably tak de customer sangat dah), the SA gave us invitations for a private new year party on behalf of Givenchy. Okla..we accepted. Then we were about to leave, the SA bagi pulak 50% discount voucher for KOOKAI...After that when we were about to leave for real, again dia bagi lagi RM500 cash voucher on Lancel handbags.

(**sometimes wonder if they will actually give us the LANCEL handbag for free**). I don't really fall for LANCEL like I fall for LVoe. (I only got one by the way:))

This one caught my eyes today...MM Mini Lin. At a glance, tak la cantik mana pun, but once you try it on your shoulder, you can just fall in this LVoe.

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  1. Salams dr Moscow.

    I pun dah try the MM mini lin, memang ada skit tertawan bila dah try di bahu...cuma daya penarik aja kurang...hehehee