Tuesday, January 13

Economic Downturn - Can it be THAT Serious???

I don't feel the current global economic downturn affecting me directly. But I realize that goods prices have gone up. Last night my hubby told me that about 200 workers at his place were laid off Monday. He works in a manufacturing sector. The good news is those retrenced were contract workers. For the executive and management levels, the company is offering VRS. And for January and February, workers are forced taking annual leave. This will affect the workers, in which if the economy is not getting any better, they will have to go with unpaid leave....

Here's what actually happenned:- there are people who are stealing cash. Many transactions were on papers and when the cash is needed, there's no more. Up to this point I can understand...Hey, I'm not an economist...Make me understand the whole scenario....

No more expensive treat...**sob..sob**. Have to forget on adding new selection of handbags like this one--->
If my hubby decides to go for VRS, here's the amount he'll be getting:-
RMxxxx (basic salary) X 11 (years of working) X 1.25 (compensation rate) = not even RM100,000.
Note that the compensation rate is the highest the company offered so far.. (to indicate how serious they are).
If VRS, nak keje apa plak lepas nih???


  1. its not as serious as 1998 since the interest rate is not going up... however, i believe, we have to b wise in spending.. :)

  2. alamak .. joe nak ambik VRS ke??? ooOOoOoOo sooo sayang lah .. nanti dia kerja kat mana? ooooo soo many things nak kena update me about lah pija!